We gather on Sundays as a corporate act of worship.

Our worship is in response to God’s amazing love, power, forgiveness, hope and grace. We do this through music, prayer, the study of Scripture, and the offering of our money, time, and energy.

We minister to others; we laugh and cry and challenge and rejoice. We repent and forgive. We staff nurseries, and work with youth, and play in the band, and greet, and make coffee, and hold doors. We give shoulders to cry on. We intertwine our lives and our resources.

We worship, and we serve.

We offer a one-hour service from 10:00 - 11:00 followed by classes from 11:15 to 12:00.



Our one-hour service begins at 10:00, with an opening call to worship at 9:55. Our musical worship lasts for about 15-20 minutes, then elementary-aged children are dismissed for Children’s Church. Then we move into announcements and the message. (Nurseries are available for 1-4 year olds.)

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES (during the school year only)

After a 15 minute break for coffee and conversation, we offer two 45-minute classes for adults, as well as a class for youth (6th-12th graders) and activities for the younger children.

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message plus

The pastor leads an interactive discussion of the message, allowing for questions, comments, personal testimonies, challenges and practical applications for the teaching from God’s Word.

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The Bible Project

The Bible Project does a fantastic job giving the Big Picture of Scripture before putting all the pieces into place. Join Scott Smith as he leads a fascinating, insightful, and life-changing look at a book that only grows deeper and richer the more it is known and understood.