The act of giving is first and foremost an act of worship. We give back to God a portion of that which God have given to us to steward. We give as an act of spiritual discipline to free us from the love of money; we give as a demonstration of faith that God will provide for us; we give because it is from our provision that God intends to provide for the mission of the church and the ‘family’ in the church.

Of course, the practical reality is that the church has bills. Our deacons run a tight ship, but there are still the daily concerns of mortgage, utilities, snow plowing - not to mention paying our church staff. That’s where you can help. It’s also worth noting that the bible has plenty to say about the role of believers in the church family. Following Christ involves sacrificing of ourselves for the sake of others. And that has application for our finances as well. So if you call CLG your home, and you have the ability to give, you can help offset these costs by donating toward our expenses. We give opportunities for that every Sunday, but we understand that’s not always the best option. For those times when you aren't able to give at church, we are happy to provide the opportunity to give online.



  • In the PayPal form, you may feel free to specify how you would like your gift allocated. If not specified, all donations received will go toward our general fund.

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