Why A Recommendations Page?

We recognize that our spiritual investment in your life will never be enough! God is too big, the Bible to complex, life too diverse. For that reason, we have recommendations for books, podcasts, and music that we pray will be helpful to your discipleship process.


Recommended books


Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis

The Reason For God and Making Sense Of God, both by Timothy Keller

Cold Case Christianity, by J. Warner Wallace

The Story Of Reality, by Greg Koukl

How Shall We Then Live, by Francis Schaeffer

How Now Shall We Live, by Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcey

Reasonable Faith and On Guard, both by William Lane Craig

The Case For The Resurrection, by Gary Habermas

Love Thy Body and Saving Leonardo, both by Nancy Pearcey

Bible Study

The Jesus I Never Knew and The Bible Jesus Read, both by Phillip Yancey

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, by Kenneth Bailey

Paul Among The People, by Sarah Rudan

The Lost World Of Genesis One and Ancient Near Eastern Thought, by John Walton

Is God A Moral Monster, by Paul Copan

Tim Keller’s book series, “X” For You (for example, Galatians For You)

Adam Clarke’s Commentaries

Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes, by E. Randolph Roberts and Brandon O’Brien

Insights into Bible Times and Customs, by G Christian Weiss, published by Moody Press.

Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus, by David Bivin and Roy Blizzard.

Hard Sayings of the Bible, by Walter Kaiser, F.F. Bruce, and others.

Hard Saying of the Old Testament, by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. Insight into the historical, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of troublesome passages in the Old Testament.

Hard Sayings of Paul, by Manfred T. Brauch. This book takes forty-eight different teachings of Paul, and provides background and context.



Matt Chandler sermons (go to The Village Church website; it’s also an app)

Unbelievable, with Justin Brierley

Gospel In Life (Tim Keller)

The Holy Post (hosted by Phil Vischer)

The Bible Project

Quick To Listen (Christianity Today’s podcast)