Are Mormons Christians? - Class Outline


Are Mormons Christians?


  1. Is this a fair question to ask?
    1. This is not a putdown - we are merely seeking clarity
    2. Are they a historical branch? A regional division? A denomination?
    3. What is Christianity after all?
  2. What do Mormons say that they are?
    1. Mormons will tell you:
      1. They believe in God
      2. They believe in Jesus
      3. They read and revere the Bible
      4. They attend church weekly
      5. They agree with us on most moral issues
      6. They call themselves Christians
    2. Doesn’t that settle it? Not so fast.
  3. Seeking Clarity
    1. Classical Christians (the group that has existed for two millennia) and Mormons use many of the same words, but they pour vastly different meanings into them
    2. Get used to asking questions like, “what specifically do you mean by that?”
  4. How does the Mormon church answer the question?
    1. Within Mormon doctrinal writings, commentary by leadership, and official church publications there is significant disagreement. What is the real answer?
  5. Let’s apply some logic
    1. If Mormonism is identical to Christianity, that means Christianity is identical to Mormonism. Does that seem to fit the evidence?
    2. If the above is true and all Mormons are Christians, we could also say that all Christians are Mormons. But given the fact that Mormons try to convert Christians, it doesn’t seem likely that a Mormon would accept this statement.
    3. Summary: It sounds like Mormons believe they are Christians, though statements by their leadership are far from unified on this point. Also, the statements they make don’t seem logically sound. We need to do some more investigation.
  6. What is knowable and how can we know it?
    1. Define epistemology
    2. What is truth?
    3. What qualifies as knowledge?
    4. What is faith and how does it fit in?
    5. How does this apply to Christianity and Mormonism?
  7. History according to Christianity
    1. Eternity past
    2. “In the beginning”
    3. Old Testament overview (4000? BC - 400 BC)
    4. Intertestamental history
    5. New Testament overview (0 - 100 AD)
    6. The Early Church (30 AD - 400 AD)
    7. Church Councils (300 AD - 800 AD)
    8. Roman Catholicism (800 AD - present)
    9. Dark Ages (400 AD - 1400 AD)
    10. Protestant Reformation (1500 - present)
  8. History according to Mormonism (as compared/contrasted to Christianity)
  9. Origin and history of Mormonism (1800 AD - present)
  10. Some other doctrines and practices unique to Mormonism
  11. Current issues
  12. How to talk to a Mormon



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